About Us


The early years of every child’s life are crucial for their healthy growth, wellbeing and development throughout life.

 The Bunbunarik Children’s Hub will offer early childhood education and care, as well as Early Childhood and family related health and wellbeing services to the wider Heathcote region.

The Hub is a purpose built, integrated Children’s Service Centre offering a holistic service system for Heathcote and District children and their families.  Key to the building design and organisational structure is the philosophy of providing seamless delivery of family services through open communication whereas the physical layout takes into account the number and variety of intended users and caters to those specific needs.  

The co-location, with Jennys ELC, will support the integrated delivery of early childhood and related family services by increasing the capacity of outreach provision of additional specialist children’s and family related services to be delivered in Heathcote. It will also ensure that families will be able to access reliable information and place-based services appropriately.

In general, the key focus of the HCCSA is targeted towards improving early childhood development and the wellbeing of children from birth to 12 years however, this may also include children up to age 18 years should the need arise.

Our Philosophy

Educate, nurture, protect and create the best future for our most precious gift – our children.”

Our Vision

‘Is to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence offering a range of activities, programs, services and events which address the social, physical and emotional wellbeing of our children and their families’.

Our Objectives

  • Provide early years education for the Heathcote and district community.

  • Support the provision of local access to children’s health and wellbeing services for families and carers in Heathcote and broader district.

  • Oversee the establishment of a Children’s Services Hub within the Heathcote township. 

  • Provide governance of Hub once established to ensure its operations meet with community expectations and needs. 


As a social enterprise we reinvest the money we make back into our organisation.  This allows us to tackle social problems, improve people's life chances, provide services and support to our children and their families. So when we as a social enterprise profit, our community profits.