The Governing Body

HCCSA Inc. is the governing body for Bunbunarik Heathcote Children’s Hub and comprises a nine-member board. The board’s role includes being responsible for the construction, management and administration of services provided by the Hub.  

The board is supported by a panel of expert advisers and a community reference group that provides expertise, resources and feedback based upon identified demand within the community.

Advance Heathcote Inc.; have been a strong supporter of the HCCSA since the very beginning. Advance Heathcote are champions of community development and improvement works and recognise the important role the Hub can play in terms of improving the quality of life for our community’s children and their families.

HCCSA Inc.; The governing body facilitates a range of services, programs and supports for our families including; early learning services, family support, early intervention, literacy and language programs, parenting support, group peer support, case management, home visiting, domestic and family violence, community events and life skills courses.