The need for local child care, access to children’s and family services was identified in the original 2007 Heathcote Community Plan, again in the 2014-2017 and current 2017-2021 plan.

Children and family services had been a priority for Heathcote and District community for many years. 

Mandalay Resources funded a Feasibility Study in 2015. The study confirmed a range of key community challenges; lack of childcare services, access to Health services and delayed development in Literacy & Language. 

In 2018, Sandra Slatter was contracted by Mandalay Resources to bring child care and children’s services to Heathcote. 

August 2017 saw the formation of the Heathcote Community Services Association Inc. 

The result, a 640 square metre Children’s Services Centre (Hub) incorporating child care & early learning centre supported by over 500 square metres of play space. 

Sandra and her team worked tirelessly to raise just on 1.8 million dollars to fund the project.

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