Children and Family Services Centre

The Childrens Services Centre will embody a refurbished structure.

The building has been redesigned to accommodate a reception area, waiting room, consultancy room, counseling room, break space, and a community room with a bespoke playground, ‘yarning circle’ and community garden, all with disability access.

The philosophy of the building design incorporates a combined administration office supports the seamless delivery of family services through open communication.

The physical layout takes into account the number and variety of intended users. Specially designed materials and equipment contributing to the overall environment and program philosophy.

Telehealth will be available for visiting professionals, and video and teleconferencing available to both professionals and community groups.

The need for children and families visiting the ‘Hub’ to feel safe, welcome and comfortable is also a high priority. The Centre will be child focused with a family centre practice. Strategies to assist general practices to appropriately minimise risks of violence and create a safe environment for clients and staff is being.

Safe stimulating and nurturing environment

Where children and families can access better support to a range of child and family services; heath and wellbeing services, maternal health nurse, speech pathology, counselling etc, and the opportunity to overcome social isolation through a range of interactive facilitated activities and programs.

Consulting Space

A place where families who have young children can access a range of support and services to improve their children’s health, wellbeing and safety including; early intervention, counselling, speech pathology and maternal health nurse.

Parenting information, advice and resources covering a broad range of issues such as child development, behaviour management, parental coping skills will be available. Consultants will have access to Telehealth so they can access specialists.

Counselling Space

Is where families who need welfare and support can feel safe and secure and know that their issues and concerns will be treated in a respectful and confidential manner

Community Space

A special community space which is warm, friendly and engaging.  A space where families can come together and partake in a variety of activities and programs including playgroup.  Somewhere for families who would not normally participate in activities due to their life circumstances, complex issues and isolation can ‘drop in’ daily.

Sensory Garden

The sensory garden and play area will be specially designed to enliven sensory nerves through specific selection and careful arrangement of various garden elements to create a very special space for both young and old.

HCCSA Inc is in partnership with Communities for Children, Bendigo

Communities for Children supports children (0-12yrs) and their families though the provision of place-based, targeted and holistic programs.

C4C Bendigo is a partnership between various organisations, agencies, communities and families. A broad range of local children & family focused services and agencies work alongside C4C Bendigo to develop and implement strategic initiatives to further C4C outcomes.

Communities for Children (C4C) Bendigo is one of 45 sites across Australia. Funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) under the Families and Communities Programme, the Communities for Childreninitiative aims to deliver positive and sustainable outcomes for children and families experiencing disadvantage.

This partnership allows Bunbunarik Childrens Hub to tap into a number of key service providers and a vast range of programs and activities.