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CCS Family and Relationship Services


Post Separation Parenting Program- which is for parents who have separated and need support in how to co-parent their children

Family Dispute Resolution Services- which is mediation between parents or other family members.  

Re-partnering with Kids program

Re-partnering with Kids program helps parents and stepparents to support their children while also building their own relationship. You can attend a group with other parents who have re-partnering or have a private session.

Family Dispute Resolution

Breaking up is hard to do but if you are divorcing or separating we can help you.

Through family dispute resolution (FDR), you can be supported to sort out your arguments around your children and other issues including finances. Working on your problems and coming up with an plan lessens the conflict children experience.

Are you in a new relationship?

Want to know how to make it last long term?

Come and see us and we’ll give you the magic formula to make your love last the distance Our Life Partnerships program will help you and your partner learn how to have healthy, happy long-lasting relationships.