Family Mental Health Support Services

Currently there are minimal family support services offered locally to help and support families with children who have emotional or mental health problems.

To assist Bunbunarik Children’s Hub to support these children and families Catholic Care Sandhurst CCS will provide a range of services.

Case managers will work with children and young people to develop achievable goals and strategies that minimise the impacts of poor mental health outcomes into the future. Using this service will involve an initial assessment which allows either a long term intensive support plan (up to 12 months), or a short term immediate support plan to be implemented.

CCS will work with children or the young person at home, in school or the wider community.

Program includes:

  • Information and referral

  • Advocacy

  • Family Support

  • Community awareness and development

  • Peer support for families, children and young people

  • Education and skill development for families, children and young people

Maternal Health Nurse

maternal health nurse.jpeg

The City of Greater Bendigo’s Maternal and Child Health Service is a free service available to all parents and carers with children from birth to school age.

Maternal and Child Health centres offer:

  • Child growth and development assessments

  • Referrals to other health agencies

  • Health and early parenting information

  • Links to community resources

  • New parents’ groups

Maternal and Child Health Nurses are all registered nurses with qualifications in Midwifery and Maternal and Child Health.

Parents and carers can get information, guidance and support on:

  • Breastfeeding

  • Child health and development

  • Maternal health

  • Parent-child relationships

  • Home and care safety for infants

  • Child accident and injury prevention

  • Immunisation

  • Nutrition

  • Family planning

Mental Health

Mental health children

Kids need good mental health - not only to be able to deal with challenges and adapt to change, but so they can feel good about themselves, build healthy relationships with others and enjoy life.

While children can experience mental health issues at any age, they are most at risk between the ages of 12 and 16 years.

Bunbunarik Children’s Hub is currently undertaking discussions with various service providers in an effort to bring these services to Heathcote 


dental health.jpeg

This aspect of service delivery is currently undergoing negotiations about how to best service the needs of our local community and what resources are required to address demand adequately.