Coordinated Service Delivery

The coordinated service delivery section of the project will embody a refurbished structure (building made available by St John’s Anglican Church).

The building has been redesigned to accommodate a reception area, waiting room, consultancy room, counselling room, break space, and a community room with a bespoke playground, ‘yarning circle’ and community garden, all with disability access.

The refurbishment includes;

  • A reverse cycle air conditioning system that accommodates all internal spaces, all internal doors widened to allow for disability access, a new front access door with a ramp leading up to the entrance and sliding door ramp access from the community room to the outdoor playground/garden area.

  • The layout and philosophy of the building design is to incorporate combined administrative offices, child care facility, community space and consultation rooms that allow seamless fluidity between all family and community service aspects. 

  • The physical layout also considers the number and diversity of intended users. Specially designed materials and equipment will contribute to, and enhance, the overall environment to optimise program delivery. The colours and decor selected have been carefully chosen to be conducive to all users and are supportive of their specific needs across the various functional areas.

  • Telehealth is available for visiting professionals and clinicians, and video and teleconferencing services is available to both professionals and community groups.

The need for children and families visiting the ‘Hub’ to feel safe, welcome and comfortable is of the highest priority. The philosophy of the HCCSA is child focused and specifically geared towards family-centred practice and culture.

Continued development of ‘Child Safe’ strategies and supports related to operational protocols (internal and external respectively) that dutifully minimise potential risks of harm to clientele staff, volunteers and visitors is an ongoing commitment to establishing a safe environment for all users. This remains an ongoing and adaptive process.

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